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CEDIA BEST HOME THEATER WINNER Systems Installation by Zene Private Cinema, Beijing Star Wars for the Win A CEDIA Global winner for Best Home Theater as well as recent winner of Screen Excellence’s “installation of the month” competition, this awe-inspiring Star Wars -themed project was achieved by Zene Private Cinema. The Beijing, China-based company completed this ambitious home theater project after the client got back in touch having bought a karaoke machine from the integrator two years earlier. “When he moved into a new house, he called us and wanted us to build a high-end themed theater,” Zene Private Cinema’s Max Li tells CE Pro sister publication CE Pro Europe . “The client asked for high-end audio and video performance, and that the theater should look very cool.” Working with interior designer Dominique Amblard, Zene Private Cinema spent a lot of time making sure that the acoustical panels could be fitted into his design. In fact, the team had to cut the sound panels into small pieces to fit in with the aesthetics. Powerful Atmos Sound The client wanted Dolby Atmos surround sound, which is facilitated via a total of 12 Aragon and James power amplifiers driving three main GTL Sound Labs AP Platinum main speakers, as well as four side wall speakers, two rear and four ceiling AE963 in-wall surround speakers. These are combined with four Bay Audio subwoofers: two PMT+12 s for “impact” and two PMT+15s for “rumble.” “These speakers have very good dynamics and sound very natural in small rooms,” says Li. A Marantz Dolby Atmos-capable preamp and Zene DZ-24 DSP equalizer were also installed into the custom theater, while acoustical treatment is provided for via Quest AI acoustic panels, Fuyi Sound isolation rubber pads and a custom-made 40dB sound isolation door combined with a steel door to achieve the looks and the required 50dB overall isolation. Blockbuster 4K Images The room’s 4K images are produced using a Sony VW-1100ES 4K projector, an Oppo BDP-105 Blu-ray player as a source, complemented by a Screen Excellence Reference 170 WS 170-inch-wide projection screen in 2.35:1 aspect ratio, fitted with the Enlightor 4K projection surface. “We chose a Screen Excellence screen not only for its video performance, but also for its acoustic transparency,” says Li. Finally, the whole installation, including the lighting, is controlled using a Control4 system, featuring an HC-800 controller, C4-SR-250 wireless remote, DIN-8DIM-E lighting module and a KD240-SW Keypad dimmer. The seven reclining seats are from Fortress Seating. “This project is the result of good teamwork between each stakeholder (the interior designer, Zene and the contractor) — this led to the success of this amazing project,” Li enthuses. “My favorite part is that this is a gorgeous-looking theater, but it also sounds very good!” — Alice Gustafson WE’RE LOOKING FOR OVER-THE-TOP PROJECTS. COOL, UNIQUE, TIDY OR METICULOUS, SHARE YOUR BEST WORK WITH OUR READERS. E-MAIL YOUR SUBMISSIONS, WITH HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGES, TO MANAGING EDITOR, ARLEN SCHWEIGER AT ASCHWEIGER@EHPUB.COM . NEAT-O! SPONSORED BY www.cepro.com FEBRUARY 2017 CE Pro 9

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